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 Evony's battle system - A visualization

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Evony's battle system - A visualization Empty
PostSubject: Evony's battle system - A visualization   Evony's battle system - A visualization I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2009 1:14 am

<23:5>[poiuytrewq123]: Visulation. Thousands and thousands of calvary march upon those puny archers one tenth of their force of a glrorious 100k host.
<23:6>[poiuytrewq123]: They dash across the plane towards the archers, 10k fall between the sharp stingy arrows of their foe.
<23:6>[poiuytrewq123]: An enemy calvary pops out all alone. The host of calvary stops, viciously beating the hell out of the calvary sent to oppose them. Meanwhile...
<23:7>[poiuytrewq123]: The archers fire another round of arrows, killing thousands more. Rushing to avenge their fallen comrades,the host of calvary now dimmed find another
<23:8>[poiuytrewq123]: enemy soldier mounted on a horse. They stop to slay the enemy, as thousands of arrows rain upon them.
<23:8>[poiuytrewq123]: A brave swordman runs foward, brandishing his sword and the entire host of calvary stop, watching their comrades slay that annoying footsoldier.
<23:9>[poiuytrewq123]: While rejoicing in their slaugther, the archers fire another round....
<23:9>[poiuytrewq123]: Etc eccentra, until 20 calvary reaches the enemy and the lord who sent out the calvary says "wtf where my calvary go"
<23:9>[poiuytrewq123]: En eccentra*

Sadly this is true.
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Evony's battle system - A visualization
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