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 Server Merger Info

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PostSubject: Server Merger Info   Server Merger Info I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 1:37 pm

Preparing for Server Merger

Firstly i think it important to let all members know that Saints will continue to be an active and aggressive War Alliance after the server merger and Lombardy will remain our home.

Secondly we need to prepare as best we can for the up and coming merger

I think it important for all members to know that each city you own before the merger will provide you with a FREE Adv Port after the merge,so plz fill up all your city slots to the max that your title will allow.
After the servers have been merged many of your cities will be scattered over the map, hence the FREE Adv Ports.
Once you have your FREE Adv ports you are able to abandon any of your cities as you wish

It is believed that you will be given 2 -3 days of 0 troop up keep in your cities, however your cities will be put into truce mode for 7 days, which means that you will not be able to raid npcs or attack other players for your usual supply of food and resources.
I would suggest to have 1 full week of food supply to feed your armies
truce mode is rumored to be something that you can elect out of, in other words if you are needing resources and food supplies you can choose to come out of truce before the 7 days is up.

The map is much larger, as much as 4 times larger than we currently have on server 30
The map is rumored to be filled with alot of flats for npc spawning, but pre-built npcs ready for farming are said to be very few and far between, so we will need to spawn alot of npcs on the map of Lombardy.
plz consider recruiting workers for npc spawning.

Thirdly lets get BATTLE READY!!
Walls filled with ATs and a little layering
200k+ archers with layering troops in each city to fight off any attacks that maybe coming at you.

Initially there will be no alliances at all, so at first you will be all on your own with no reinforcements or transports from other members. But fear not, myself, mike and the other officers of Saints have vowed to secure our alliance name for us all to rally towards.
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Server Merger Info
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